• February 6, 2014
  • 2 minutes read

Heshmat: Egypt Crisis Solution Through Military-Free Politics, Return to Legitimacy

Heshmat: Egypt Crisis Solution Through Military-Free Politics, Return to Legitimacy

Dr. Gamal Heshmat, leading member of both the Freedom and Justice Party and the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, said that rumors circulating now about ‘peace initiatives’ are concocted by pro-military media, and have no basis in truth.

In a television interview with "Al-Jazeera Live Egypt" satellite TV channel, Dr. Heshmat pointed that "These initiatives are suspicious for three reasons. First: Their source is suspect, because they came from a pro-coup party that cannot be regarded as neutral.

"Second: They sidestep legitimacy, and offer no solutions that coincide with National Alliance conditions such as reinstating legitimacy and exacting retribution for the martyrs.

"Third: The timing of the supposed initiative came after the military-installed president announced there cannot be any reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. This is meant to show that a certain party seeks reconciliation, while another is rejecting it. Evidently, the timing of this initiative is aimed at breaking up the National Alliance."

Dr. Heshmat added that "Any peaceful solution must come from the offending party, which has taken so many lives and wounded many more".

Commenting on giving youths free reign to act on the ground, with full commitment to peaceful ingenuity, the former parliamentarian said: "The Alliance has succeeded in setting the rules and general strategy. But demonstrations are held in all towns and villages across Egypt. No-one can have central control over them all".

In conclusion, Dr. Heshmat said: "There cannot be a feasible solution without retribution for the martyrs, withdrawal of the military from politics and the return of constitutional legitimacy."