• October 23, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Heshmat: IM Code of Ethics Attempt to Improve Police Image in Egypt

Heshmat: IM Code of Ethics Attempt to Improve Police Image in Egypt

Saturday’s announcement made by the Egyptian Interior Ministry (IM) during a press conference in Cairo cited the Ministry vowing to draft a code of ethics for the Police apparatus. This coincides with the numerous court cases and trials of former IM officials involved in corruption and killings during the January 25 revolution. 

The Code will be based on prioritizing respect for the Constitution, rule of law, and human rights. Furthermore recognizing the significance of the police’s  work advocating reverence, tolerance and reciprocated respect between civilians and the police force.

According to Dr. Gamal Heshmat from the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) Executive Bureau who fell victim to unjustified arrests and detentions by the police apparatus during the Mubarak era, the initiative is to improve and restore the police’s tarnished image.

He told Ikhwanweb: “This initiative comes while we still await the corrupt officials and police personnel involved in crimes held fully responsible to be tried and punished accordingly.” Officers and individuals who have violated the rights of citizens or who have been involved in any form of corruption should be brought before the appropriate judicial authorities and referred to the Disciplinary Board, to take their share of the responsibility for the killing and wounding during the revolution.”

He continued, “If the Police Apparatus is true to its word then it should welcome rigorous inspection, and reports of violations and abuses must be received and dealt with seriously in addition to the isolation of perpetrators from the force.”

The New World Foundation for Development and Human Rights in turn has also called on Egypt’s Interior Minister Mansour Alesawy to monitor the police nationwide and to hand and publish a full report on a regular basis.