• August 2, 2015
  • 8 minutes read

Heshmat Refutes the Junta’s Albawaba News Website False Claims on EU Parliament

Heshmat Refutes the Junta’s Albawaba News Website False Claims on EU Parliament

We did not realize that endeavors by the legitimate Egyptian Parliament abroad gave military coup authorities a headache until the coup’s foreign ministry issued statements accusing us of terrorism, and accusing those who meet with us of supporting terrorism. The coup regime uses ‘terrorism’ as an extortion strategy.

The Egyptian Intelligence Service’s Albawaba website published utter lies by an angry editor-in-chief who clearly received insufficient information, and rearranged it in a most provocative sensationalist way, with utter lies and no logic or reason. In its political news section, on July 27, 2015 a headline read "Gamal Heshmat Kicked Out from Inter-Parliamentary Union HQ". The text that followed then told several "news" stories about international institutions expelling, slamming or severing ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, such as:

1. A formal letter from the European Union (EU) to the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood demanding the latter must not send any new memoranda to the Commission on Human Rights! And that the EU would not send any fact-finding committees to investigate facts pertaining to the Muslim Brotherhood who has no legitimacy!

Here, the junta’s stupidity is very clear. How could those who do not recognize the legitimacy of an entity, send it an official letter? In any case, this never happened. It could not happen, because there is no entity called The International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. If there were any truth in that fabricated story, they would have mentioned the name of the person to whom the "official letter" was supposedly addressed and sent.

2. According to the junta’s website, James Moran (the EU’s Ambassador to Egypt) sent a special report on Muslim Brotherhood activity to the EU (supposedly on July 20), in which Moran confirmed that the group was supporting, financing and carrying out terrorist operations targeting the army, the police and the judiciary, and that the group openly announces these operations internally, while it denies them in statements issued to the international public opinion. The story went on to explain that the West’s continued support for the Muslim Brotherhood would enable it to continue its terrorism on a large scale in the whole region!

Junta stupidity continues with fabricating "news" about the EU’s Ambassador to Egypt, accusing him of stupidity because he did not follow the Muslim Brotherhood’s internal statements in which the group admits its crimes while lying to the whole world!

The lying author forgot statements made by James Moran himself in the State Security’s newspaper (Al-Yawm Al-Sabie) on July 2 at the annual breakfast ceremony hosted by the EU Embassy in Cairo. Moran was asked whether Europe would place the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorism. The EU ambassador said there was no evidence against them to put them on the list of terrorism, stressing the EU’s commitment to fighting common threats.

3. The series of lies continued to mobilize the whole world against the Muslim Brotherhood and its associations as well as all Islamic organizations in Europe, putting them under surveillance, to convince the reader that there is a siege around the group abroad, contrary to what they themselves claim.

4. Another false story: Last week (19 to 20 July), Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) officials kicked out Muslim Brotherhood leader Gamal Heshmat, after demanding he proved the legitimacy of the Egyptian Parliament in Turkey. They said that the group lacked legitimacy and that the IPU would not talk to a Turkey-based Egyptian legislative body, especially since most of its members are wanted in terrorism cases.

The question is: Why didn’t Albawaba provide any photographs to support this important scandal, like they did to prove our presence in the main hall of the European Parliament prior to the end-of-May session? In any event, I was last in Europe in the first week of June. Then, my visa expired. How did I visit the IPU?

As for proof of legitimacy, the text of the IPU’s Charter dictates recognition of the last Parliament in countries where military coups occur. Moreover, there are texts that forbid recognition of the dissolving of any legitimate parliament by any extraordinary authority or regime. In fact, we did communicate with them, but never tried to go visit.

5. The lying website went on to claim that all international bodies in all continents stood against the Egyptian Parliament and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. It even claimed that the African Union affirmed that the group was a terrorist organization in a report in which it also accused Turkey and Qatar of financing terrorist operations!

In short, the junta packed all the wishes it failed to realize in these false "news" stories. I swear to God that I and my colleagues read this "news" article in the junta’s website with a great deal of joy, for the obvious truth we could sense: the junta’s inability to face reality, and its resorting to lies. But then lies are what their coup is built upon in the first place.

Congratulations to you for your wild imagination and your failure to face up to the people of freedom and legitimacy and their effective anti-coup activities abroad.

Dr. Mohamed Gamal Heshmat

Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament Abroad

August 1, 2015