• February 23, 2012

Heshmat Rejects Foreign Interference in Drafting Constitution

Heshmat Rejects Foreign Interference in Drafting Constitution

 Dr. Mohamed Jamal Heshmat, Deputy of People’s Assembly Foreign Relations Committee, that Egypt does not need any foreign help in writing its new constitution.

Earlier, James Rawley, the UN Development Program Resident Representative in Egypt, offered assistance for Egypt in writing and holding a referendum on a new Egyptian Constitution. Meanwhile, Amr Rushdie, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry and Minister Plenipotentiary, rejected the offer, stressing that everything related to the Constitution and the referendum is purely a domestic, Egyptian affair.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Heshmat said, "Egypt is blessed with skilled experts who are capable of writing Egypt’s new Constitution, and will not accept any interference in its affairs, especially concerning the future of the country, the sovereignty of the state, the law and the will of the people".

Moreover, Heshmat said, "The formation of the Constituent Assembly must be by consensus amongst the full spectrum of the Egyptian people; for example: university professors, NGOs, the church, the police, Al-Azhar, trade unions, representatives of women and others. There should be, amongst them, persons experienced in the formulation of laws – which allows the formation of a Constituent Assembly of the constitution by a reasonable mix of people.