• August 8, 2010

Hewitt: The humanitarian situation in besieged Gaza catastrophic

Hewitt: The humanitarian situation in besieged Gaza catastrophic

GAZA, — Head of the British charity Interpal, Ibrahim Hewitt, said the humanitarian situation in the besieged Gaza Strip went beyond the crisis stage and became disastrous in every sense of the word.

Upon his arrival in Gaza within the aid convoy of Miles of Smiles on Saturday afternoon, Hewitt urged the Gaza people to continue their struggle for their rights represented in the freedom of work, travel and trading.

He pointed out that there are other aid convoys to be coming to Gaza organized by different organizations.

The British activist also deplored Israel’s claims about easing its blockade on Gaza, saying that the siege was still illegal despite those claims, adding that the siege must be lifted. 

For his part, Lord Raymond Hylton said that he and the participants in the convoy witnessed the real suffering of Gaza people during their field visit to the bombed areas.

More than 40 people from different nationalities including members of the British house of lords and Turkish activists have participated in Miles of Smiles convoy. The aid is composed of 42 cars for the disabled people, medicines and medical equipment.

For his part, first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) Dr. Ahmed Bahar received on Saturday the British lawmakers who participated in Miles of Smiles convoy and hailed their efforts to break Gaza siege.

Dr. Bahar told the lawmakers that Gaza people are still under siege and the best proof is the shut down of the only power station in Gaza after the depletion of industrial fuel used to operate the generators.

For his part, Hamas lawmaker Salem Salama said that the visiting British lawmakers stated that their government made a big mistake when it refused to recognize the government formed by Hamas after its victory in the legislative council election.