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  • August 4, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Hey, Did You Know…

o Ehud Olmert was raised with the idea that part of the country (Palestine) that belongs to him, which is his territory, was taken by the Arabs, is still ruled by the Arabs, and he vowed one day that it will be freed and given back to the Israelis by force, if necessary
o Ehud was affiliated with the more extreme segments of society at the time he was Mayor of Jerusalem. He was supporting the settlers in East Jerusalem and the Silwan village, which his wife & son, Aliza & Shaul Olmert were & still are completely against him on

o Ehud participated in the opening of the ancient tunnel in a sacred Arab area of Jerusalem, in which his family felt is completely wrong & will just inflame the arabs even more

o Shaul Olmert, the eldest son of Ehud Olmert, signed a petition calling for Israeli soldiers to refuse to serve in the occupied territories, he said: “…our presence in those territories was not legitimate…”

o Shaul Olmert is now an executive at Nickelodeon TV in New York where he lives with his family {wow, how did he land that job, being from Israel & all, he must have outstanding, exceptional qualifications, of course he does….he’s a Jew!}

o Ehud’s father founded the National Movement for Settlements in Erez Israel & was the one who created and built so many settlements in Israel {what used to be Palestine before the forced occupation}

o Ehud once said: “We (Israeli’s) have to evacuate them (Palestinians), we don’t do it with joy, we do it out of necessity, out of the realization that we have to make a choice between greater Israel…..”  

o He also said this: “They are great people (Palestinians) because they live under the most unfavorable conditions, in danger, and they do it because of one thing, because of the patriotic love for their country (Palestine)…, but I have to take a decision and I have to be responsible for the future of my people…I can’t afford to just remain emotional and hug them and kiss them and tell them how great they are. I have to lead this country into new horizons, into a better future…”