High committee of prisoners: 36 children, three women kidnapped in August

High committee of prisoners: 36 children, three women kidnapped in August

GAZA,– The high national committee for the support of prisoners said it documented in last August the kidnapping of 295 Palestinians, including 36 children and three women in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and occupied Jerusalem, pointing out that Israeli interrogators electrocuted some detained kids.

The committee affirmed that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped three women including a social activist and a mother of two young children called Kifah Jibreel who was administratively detained for four months despite her suffering from constraints in heart blood flow.

36 children under the age of 18, mostly from Jerusalem, were also kidnapped during the month. Some of the kids were placed under house arrest and forced to pay fines for allegedly throwing stones at Israeli soldiers and others were exposed to beating and electric shocks in detention, according to the committee.

It cited as an example what happened to two Palestinian children called Yahya Idwan, 15, Abdelhamid Abu Haneyya, 16. Both were detained in Ariel settlement, severely beaten and stunned with electric cables attached to their bodies before they were forced to sign indictments against themselves. 

The committee also reported different violations committed against the Palestinian prisoners in Israel’s jails, such as forcing some prisoners to eat their sunset meals while they were handcuffed during the holy month of Ramadan as happened with detainees transferred from Negev to Ofer prison.

The suffering of many patients in prison did not end as a result of the policy of medical neglect pursued by Israel against the Palestinians in its jails, the committee said.