• January 19, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

Highlights of Egypt’s Legitimate President Morsi Testimony in Fabricated ‘Spying’ Lawsuit

Highlights of Egypt’s Legitimate President Morsi Testimony in Fabricated ‘Spying’ Lawsuit

 Egypt’s elected President Mohamed Morsi, on Sunday, gave his statements in the fabricated "spying" lawsuit where he is tried, along with a number of leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The following are highlights of his statement in court:

"I changed the military leaders in order to protect Egypt’s military (refers to the resignation of Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi and a number of other leaders of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) who managed the transition period after the January 25, 2011 Revolution)."

"Egyptian blood spilled after the January 25 Revolution, and until I was elected President, is on the hands of the current leader and commander of the coup d’état in Egypt, and SCAF before him."

"The fact-finding committee’s report, issued on December 31 (2012), included testimonies and statements by managers of hotels in Tahrir Square. That report affirmed that – during the Revolution – certain personnel occupied buildings all around the square and had official ID’s from certain sovereign authorities headed by the coup commander (the intelligence apparatus). That report was handed over to the Public Prosecutor Talaat Abdullah, but has never been looked into by anyone, until this very moment."

"How can I be accused of ‘Brotherhoodization or Ikhwanization’ (monopolizing) of state institutions when it was I who appointed the Secretary of Defense (Al-Sisi), Minister of Interior (a military general who still holds that position in the coup regime), Hisham Geneina (Director of the Central Auditing Organization) and Hisham Ramez (Director of the Central Bank)? All these are well known to have no affiliation or involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood."

"The Republican Guard’s mission and duty was to protect the Egyptian President. Instead, they arrested me. So, I wondered who was Major General Mohamed Zaki (Republican Guard Commander) taking orders from?"

"I was the President of the Republic, not the leader of some gang! I issued the Presidential Decree in order to protect state institutions."

"I did not issue orders to arrest killers of the revolutionaries in the Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes and the Maspero television building incident and others, because  I did not want to offend or demonize the military. I left the whole matter to the judiciary."

"Kamal Ganzouri (appointed by SCAF as Prime Minister of Egypt, from December 7, 2011 to August 2, 2012) threatened to disband the People’s Assembly (Egypt’s first Chamber of Parliament) in 2012, and said that ‘the legal challenge that will dissolve the parliament’ was in a drawer at the Constitutional Court. Of course, the People’s Assembly was indeed disbanded, shortly afterwards."

"When they asked Mohamed Hussein Tantawi (Field Marshal and Commander-in-chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces) in a formal meeting: ‘Why did you put the Muslim Brotherhood in power?’, he replied: "The people put the Brotherhood in power’."

"The coup commander Al-Sisi, the president of the Constitutional Court and the Interior Minister plotted the conspiracy against me, and arrested me."

"The crime committed by Adly Mansour (interim president appointed by the junta) is the ugliest, because he agreed to the trampling of the Egyptian Constitution."

"On July 3 (2013) I was put under house arrest in the Republican Guard building (Cairo). I was accompanied by presidential office senior aides As’aad Sheikha, Rifa’a Tahtawi and Essam Al-Haddad. On July 5, I was moved by plane to Mount Ataka (north-east of Egypt), then Fayed Airport (military air base, also in Egypt’s north-east), and then they brought me back to Abu-Qir naval base where I was held until the first hearing in the trial."