Once again, Israel is resorting to psychological blackmail tactics by invoking  “anti-Semitism and the holocaust” to enhance its ugly image in the eyes of the peoples of the world.

This week, the Israeli press reported that dozens of countries, mainly those  orbiting  the United States , which itself revolves in the Israeli orbit, agreed to cooperate in fighting “anti-Semitism” an “Holocaust denial.” The effort is apparently part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s effort to improve Israel ‘s image, badly tarnished following Israel ‘s Nazi-like onslaught on the Gaza Strip more than a year and a half ago.

Israel, a constantly nervous country that is taking a defensive posture against foreign criticisms of its manifestly barbarian crimes against defenseless Arab civilians, vociferously rejects any Nazi-comparisons, accusing critics of harboring anti-Semitism.

Even Jewish academics voicing such criticisms are hounded, vilified and even refused entry into Israel.

None the less, any honest comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany should vindicate the Nazi-comparisons.

The way Israel views and especially treats non-Jews, especially the Palestinian community, leaves no doubt as to the brutal ugliness and nefarious racism characterizing the Israeli mentality.

The heinous crushing  by heavy bulldozers of peace activists, the deliberate murder of solidarity group members, the adamant refusal to prosecute and punish murderers and child killers whose victims didn’t have “the proper holy blood,” look very much as if borrowed from the catalogues of the Gestapo, SS and the Wehrmacht.

In truth, Israel is a bona fide Nazi state. However, both of its shamefulness and shamelessness are made to appear more benign and less malignant than they really are  thanks to a huge machine of lies extending from Occupied Jerusalem to California that turns the black into white and the big lie into a “truth” glorified by thousands of pathologically twisted “tribesmen and women,”  indoctrinated in Jewish superiority over the rest of mankind.

Sometime, though, the huge hasbara machine proves inadequate or insufficient to do the job properly, mainly market the big lie and make it palatable and digestible as much as required.  This in turn leads to many people discovering the truth about the gangsterly state as happened recently when the Judeo-Nazi entity rained death on innocent, helpless and defenseless civilians in Gaza whose main crime was their refusal to succumb to Jewish supremacy and refusal to settle for the status of slave vis-à-vis the chosen class, the chosen  ubermenschen.

Now the most troublesome and most aggressive pariah country in the world is trying to give the impression that it is under threat that its victims are devising another holocaust against it.

The diabolic entity is also trying to sell the lie that Palestinians and their supporters hate Israel not because of its evil and Nazi-like practices, e.g. dropping 2-3 million cluster  bomblets on southern Lebanon in 2006, but rather because they have deep-rooted hatred for Jews.

The truth, However, is that Israel is the main producer and generator of anti-Semitism since the Third Reich.

When millions of people around the world watch the phantasmagoric images of Israeli brutality on their TV screens, they are bound to hate everything Jewish, especially when Israel claims to act and behave in the name of the Jewish people and when it uses Jewish symbols, such as the Israeli flag.

Indeed, it was this very same flag, the Star of David, that Israeli criminality in Gaza and Southern Lebanon made it look like the swastika of Nazism. In any case, this description is not mine, it is rather the coinage of a member of the British Parliament who happened to be Jewish.

This shows that Israel can’t behave and act like the Nazis behaved and acted and at the same time expect the peoples of the world to love Zionist Jews. Just as Muslims are paying the price for acts of terror committed in the name of Islam and in their own name, Jews, too, are bound to pay the price for Nazi-like acts perpetrated in their own name. I know that a decisive majority of Muslims view al Qaida atrocities as abhorrent whereas a decisive majority of Jews support Israel right or wrong for historical, psychological and religious reasons. None the less, everything has a price which even the innocent are bound to pay. This may not be fair, but it seems inevitable.

Unfortunately,   Israel has tremendously cheapened and trivialized the issues of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust by lumping them with criticisms of Israeli criminality and with raising questions about the legitimacy of the Israeli entity.

Well, there are many Jews who don’t accept Israel for religious, theological and moral reasons. And there are numerous non-Jews like this writer who reject Israel for moral and ethical reasons.

In the final analysis, a country that is based on mass murder, mass terror, ethnic cleansing and land theft has no legitimacy, no matter what the United Nations or the New York Times say. An act of rape will never ever be morphed into an honorable matrimony.

Needless to say, Israel ‘s occupation of Palestine was an act of rape from day-1, is an act of rape now , and will always be an act of rape. As such, Israel will have no legitimacy, neither today nor tomorrow, nor after a thousand years. This is not anti-Semitism, this is not holocaust denial, this is a mere acknowledgment of historical truth which the professional liars of Zionism are trying to obliterate, using all arts of mendacity and deception.

Hence, our response to Zionist trickery should take the form of separating Zionism from Jews. In the end, Israel is a nation-state while Jews are followers of a legitimate religion that enjoys historical and religious legitimacy. But Zionism is a poisoned  political ideology and its brat child, Israel , is a stark expression of racism and criminality just as Nazism was a stark  poisoned expression of German nationalism more than six decades ago.

We must clarify ourselves loudly that we are against Israel because Israel is evil and criminal, not because it is Jewish. This is not a propaganda  message on our part, this is the truth, first  because this is the right thing to do, and second, because fighting racism with racism is a lost cause.

As to the issue of the holocaust, it is immensely harmful to make it an issue in the context of our confrontation with Zionism. Israel and her supporters are trying hard to make the holocaust a perpetually relevant issue where it is not. I call this willful addiction holocaustabation. The holocaust took place in a distant land, perpetrated by Western Europeans, and Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims had nothing to do with it.

Hence, we must resist any attempt by Zionism to introduce this red herring into the conflict, and in case they insist on doing so, as they have been doing, we must counter their manifestly bankrupt arguments by pointing out that European Jews expelled from Europe due to the rampancy of German nationalism must find a solution for their problem in Europe itself, not in Palestine and the Middle East.

It is none of our business to be on the side of the holocaust deniers just as we must not allow ourselves to be duped by the Zionist holocaustabators. Our business is to fight, resist, and expose  the Nazis of our time, namely evil Israel . For if we sided with the deniers, then we would be accused of anti-Semitism, and if we  allowed ourselves to be duped or mesmerized  by the Zionist liars, we would be demanded to pay at least part of the price for the attempted liquidation of European Jewry, a price we have already been forced to pay a thousand fold.