Holy Land churches congratulate Hamas

The heads of Churches in the Holy Land have congratulated the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, on its resounding victory in last week’s legislative elections.

The Churches issued a joined statement, commending the Palestinian people on their “democratic spirit” and the success of organizing the elections.

The statement said Christian Church leaders in Jerusalem and the Holy Land were viewing with admiration Palestinian resilience and commitment to democracy.

“Our prayers go to those who will rule, we call on them to uphold the rule of law, to make sure that social and religious freedoms are guaranteed.”

Moreover, the statement lauded Hamas.

“Our message to Hamas is ‘blessed are the meek, for they shall inherent the earth.”

Hamas said it would see to it that political, religious and social freedoms are upheld and respected.

Hamas leaders have also sought to assure liberal Palestinian sectors that Hamas wouldn’t resort to imposing Islamic lifestyles on liberal-minded or secular Palestinians.

The assurances were made following Israeli media reports warning that Hamas would seek to create a Taliban-style administration.

Hamas and allies won as many as 77 parliamentary seats out of the 132 seats making up the Palestinian legislative council