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  • October 29, 2005
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Honor el-Eriaan and Watany newspaper

Honor el-Eriaan and Watany  newspaper

The Muslim Brotherhood Journalists Honor el-Eriaan and Watany  newspaper

Ikhwan online
By Abdel Rahman Muhammad

The Moslem Brotherhood journalists honored, in their annual celebration, arranged on Oct.26th, both the Christian newspaper, Watany, and Dr. Essam el-Eriaan, a leading figure in the MB.


The esteem of Watany newspaper is a sign of appreciation for its apology to Moslems following the Islam-disrespected play acted at the Orthodox Church in Alexandria. This play provoked numerous protests, in which three were killed and 90 persons were injured. On the other hand, el-Eriaan is honored after being released from illegal detention, which lasted for five months, in addition, as he is a friend to journalists.


At the beginning of the celebration, Muhammad Abdel Qudoos, a member in the board of the journalist syndicate; condemned the riots that were erupted in Alexandria. He put the blame on the ruling system and underlined the profound rejection of the Moslem Brotherhood to such incidents.


On his part, Hussein Abdel Razeq, the secretary general of al-Tagomaa Party, denied any differences between the MB and the National Front for Change. He pointed that the newspapers have published fake news about disaccords between the MB and al-Tagomaa Party. It was said that Dr. Rafat el-Said, al-Tagmoaa leader, has withdrew from a meeting when Dr. el-Eriaan came. Nevertheless, it was not true at all, Abdel Razeq affirmed.   


The representative of Watany newspaper underscored the role of journalism to develop the national sense.


Amr el-Shwpaky, the vice of the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said that the repeated detention of leading figures in the MB has negative impact. For the most suitable side to deal with Alexandra crisis is the Islamic current, as it respects the Christians and is eager for their rights.


Meanwhile, Osama Gath, the undersectary of the editor-in-chief of Al-Ahram, urged to use the issue of opinion-related detainees as a means of pressure on the government to release them.  This can be extended to include detainees in Palestine and Iraq, he added. He called for the eradication of corruption, especially in journalist institutions.


On the other side, Tahia Abdel Wahab, a journalist, criticized the current corruption of society and of the ruling system. She also condemned the stiffly-worded speech of some Christian and Moslem religion men.


The concluding speech was given to el-Eriaan who emphasized the need to change the ruling system via peaceful means. He also alluded to the necessity to release the opinion-related detainees, indicating that 59%-99% of them are innocents, according to judiciary rules.