Hooligans attack PA foreign minister’s car

 A small group of hooligans last night stoned the car of PA foreign minister Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar that he was riding after offering condolences to one of the ministry’s employees over the death of his sister, a ministry release said on Monday.

The statement said that apparently the attack followed provocation on the part of one of those present in the house of the employee during the minister’s visit and who insulted the minister.

It added that the minister’s car was stoned immediately after leaving the house and its rear window shield was smashed. The minister’s bodyguards safely evacuated him from the scene, the statement elaborated.

The statement noted that the attack coincided with a bunch of lies, broadcast on the so-called Palestine TV, voiced by the hosted two suspended employees in the foreign ministry: Ahmed Subh and Ibrahim Khreisha.

It charged that the attack was part of the malicious campaign of incitement being waged against the Hamas-led PA government, and warned that such a program only contributed to creating strife in the Palestinian street.