Hope arrives at the Rafah crossing, on way to Gaza

Hope arrives at the Rafah crossing, on way to Gaza

The European campaign for lifting the siege on Gaza Strip has announced Saturday that the Hope convoy has arrived at the Rafah crossing in preparation to enter into the besieged Gaza Strip to help sick Palestinian people.

According to officials of the campaign, the convoy comprises 40 trucks loaded with assistance, 10 ambulance vehicles accompanied by tens of European lawmakers and supporters.

The convoy anchored in the Egyptian Alexandria Port for one week waiting for permission to unload, but the Egyptian authorities refused to allow it unload in Alexandria and ordered it to unload at Port Said, which the organizers did.

According to the organizers, the convoy finished all the necessary documents and the procedures needed to proceed to the besieged Gaza Strip. It is expected in Gaza on Saturday.

The Italian senate members Fernando Rossi, who leads the convoy, revealed that there were 12 European lawmakers from Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Ireland, and Britain in addition to 160 European activities from different EU countries who have joined the trip, and that they were now in Port Said city to help deliver the assistance to Gaza Strip, especially to Palestinian citizens who need special care.

“The contributions were made by individuals, and NGO”s in the EU”, the organizers disclosed.

Nearly 400 sick Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip, mostly children, women, and elderly people, suffering from chronic diseases have died so far due to the Israeli rejection to allow them leave the Strip to have medical treatment abroad.