How to Face The Constitutional Violations By The Government

 All current indicators denote that the National Democratic Party (NDP) – both who claim to be reformist, and who’s usually described as conservative- has decided to lag after the micro-steps taken towards political reform.
The essence of the judiciary law and the way it was made, and what the government proposed for the parliament concerning punishments of press and publishing crimes, in addition to the suppressive political and security measures, which the government used towards the judges and different opposition trends, confirm the fact that the NDP and its cabinet, really, intend to abolish what the Egyptians regarded as a start of political reform, confiscate their future, and cancel all the means leading to reform.
 This future is threatened by what the NDP is secret manipulation; essential amendments in constitution which will be spoken out in the next term of the people’s Assembly and Shura council. All these amendments- as the sources say- tend to bring down the Egyptians’ few rights, which they and their political trends gained during 25 years. The basic articles in the third section of the constitution concerning freedoms, general rights and duties will be the first victim of the NDP intended constitutional amendment.
 At top of them are Articles 41 and 42, which guarantee the necessary safety for the people from oppressively restricting their freedom. The NDP wants to change and uproot the bloom of the constitution, especially, what is concerned with the Egyptians’ freedom and public rights, for example the fourth section, there are some articles concerning sovereignty of the law which are liable to NDP deformed amendment, especially, Article 71 entitling the detained to immediately know the reasons behind their detention, contact and seek help from whoever they wants, and to complain who restricts his freedom.
 The constitutional turnabout and demolition of all reform and change hopes exceed this extent, the NDP go much further towards canceling the judicial supervision on the parliamentary elections under Article 88 of constitution, in order to step aside for the security body to manipulate all general elections to their own benefits, moreover, ignoring the judges’ honesty and insistence on carrying out their constitutional duty to dignify their nation.
  Political and electoral manipulation exceeds that, the NDP intends to change the electoral system by approving the list system, which is beneficial only for the NDP. It will also restrict the nonparisan political trends (independents), 85% of the candidates- like who are representatives now in the parliament before being enlisted in the NDP, 65% of its members- from running for elections.
 There are twenty Articles in the constitution, which seem to be due for eradication by both conservatives and reformists of the NDP in the next round of violations.
The Egyptian opposition trends are required to quickly face this heinous violation- which threatens them and the entire nation as well- in two dimensions:

-The first one is concerned with disclosing this conspiracy of the NDP, and doing their best to abort it.
-The second, not to participate in this crime- which is going to kill the nation- and congregationally have an immediate united decision of boycotting all general elections; presidential, parliamentary or municipal, if the NDP and its cabinet insist on this constitutional turnabout, so that the NDP will certainly be isolated and alone before all the people, inside and outside the country.


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