How was Johnston released?

From the battlefield:

I’d like to describe the situation in which BBC’s correspondent released.

Hamass officials demanded his release and they refused. Hamass decided to release him by force as the captors still make some chaos in the strip after it was purified as I have told you previously. The strip was purified from all kinds of chaos, except some single actions here or there.

They imposed a siege on the area where the captors hide Johnston and started to arrest any of them who leaves the area. Then they narrowed the siege and strengthened it until the captors surrendered and asked for negatiations. Another Palestinian Resistance group was the mediator and the demands were the release of their members for the release of students who were believed Hamas supporters and then handing Alan Johnston.

This wasn’t mentioned in the news, and after this, everything was mentioned.

But the problem still unsolved yet, the group still strong and still fortified in its about 1KMsquare are which no one can enter. Each place has been entered by Hamass except this one because Hamas was afraid about Johnston’s life. Johnston now freed. Hamas hasn’t left its soldiers yet and this, I think, will lead to a kind of blood shed in the secure strip. the group was was hiding the journalist still Strong despite its small number which isn’t more than 50 people, but they are well armed and own heavy weapons.

Hope this crisis end soon and safe.


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