HR Representative: Emergency Law is the Worst in Egypt’s History

HR Representative: Emergency Law is the Worst in Egypt’s History

Dr. Ahmed Kamal Abulmagd, Professor of Law at Cairo University and Vice-chairman of the National council for human rights, said Tuesday that the Emergency law is the worst law ever witnessed in Egypt.

Adding in a meeting with the human rights committee in the Egyptian People’s Assembly that the Egyptian citizens would no longer accept another state of emergency in Egypt.

Concerning the draft of the Terrorism law, Abulmagd stated that he fully understands the security necessity for issuing such a law. However he expressed his great concern that the draft of Terrorism law would be approved by the Parliament without passing it to the National council of human rights.

He added that the law must guarantee all the citizens’ human rights without violating any of them, referring to an example for the unfair Emergency law in which he stated that more than 46 doctors have been kept in prison since 1996 without any real accusations. “The ministry of interior said they were dangerous on the public security and arrested according to the Emergency law.”, Abulmagd said ironically.

For his part, Hussein Ibrahim, Deputy and spokesman of the MB Parliamentary bloc, stated that the little information known till now about the Terrorism law proves that such law would be even worse than the current Emergency law.

He clarified that the government have been working on such Terrorism law secretly and without having the approval of members of the Parliament.

That is a technique used by the government, represented in surprising the Egyptian society with a new law “automatically” approved by the members of the National Democratic Party (NDP) who represent the majority of the Egyptian Parliament, he said

Ibrahim added that he totally agrees with what Dr. Abulmagd said concerning describing the Emergency law as the worst in Egypt.

Hussein Ibrahim noted that fourth annual report of the National Council for human rights has much criticized the emergency law, indicating that police stations have turned to be torture places and nothing more, adding that the report registered a number of death crimes committed inside police stations by officers.

Ibrahim agreed on what the report said when it mentioned that the ministry of interior is practicing a new policy with Egyptian citizens through detaining members of their families as hostages with no justified reasons.

Ibrahim concluded that the ministry of interior is daily creating new means to kill and terrorize Egyptian citizens, expressing his concern about the would-be Terrorism law.