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  • June 22, 2008
  • 2 minutes read

HRInfo Condemns Ratification of Satellite Broadcasting Charter

HRInfo Condemns Ratification of Satellite Broadcasting Charter

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (HRInfo) has condemned the findings of the Arab Ministers of Information held at the Arab League’s Headquarter last week. HRInfo asserted that the Arab Ministers have launched the so-called Arab Commission for E-media to tighten the grip around the freedoms of the printed, Electronic, and Satellite media.

Gamal Eid, manager of the HRInfo, criticized the findings of this meeting saying that the Arab ministers repeatedly use the term “freedom of expression” just as the ministers of Interior use the term “Protecting human rights” in their statements, while escalating the policies of torture.

HRInfo added that Amr Mousa, Secretary General of the Arab League, should have sided with the freedom of information and expression and refuse such a charter, because such ratification denotes that the Arab League is a weak entity supporting regimes which violate freedoms.

Arab Ministers meeting has witnessed a pressure exerted by representatives of Egypt, KSA, and Algeria to apply satellite broadcasting organizing charter through the media related legislations in every country. However Qatar, UAE, and Lebanon abstained.  The Egyptian minister said it would be a guiding charter and called for establishing an Arab Commission for Media to execute such a charter and control the broadcast materials.

Though such a charter has not been entered into force, three satellite channels have been denied broadcast; (Al-Hiwar, Al-Hikma, and Al-Barakah), as well as tightening the grip around Al-Jazeerah in Morocco and confiscating the equipments of one of the most important broadcast service provider; Al-Qahirah Al-Ikhbariyah.

This is a crystal clear indication that the charter’s entrance into force will lead to more persecution and confiscation to further muzzle freedom of expression in the Arab world, HRInfo said.