HRW calls on Israel to stop immediately demolition of Bedouin homes

HRW calls on Israel to stop immediately demolition of Bedouin homes

Human rights watch (HRW) called on the Israeli occupation to declare an immediate moratorium on demolition of Bedouin homes in the Negev area, south of the Palestinian lands occupied in 1984, and to create an independent commission to investigate land and housing discrimination against its Bedouin citizens in the Negev.

In a new report published Monday, the international organization underlined that the discriminatory Israeli laws and practices forced tens of thousands of Negev Bedouins to live in unrecognized shantytowns under constant threat of demolishing their homes and tearing their communities apart.

The report says that the IOA systematically demolishes Bedouin homes while overlooking or retroactively legalizing unlawful construction by Jewish citizens.

HRW rejects Israeli officials” suggestions that Bedouins can relocate to seven existing government townships or newly recognized villages, saying that it found the suggested towns and villages are ill-equipped to accommodate more residents.

Joe Strok, the HRW director in the Middle East, rejected that Israel forms commissions to examine the problem with Bedouins, calling for forming an independent investigative commission to examine the problem of the unorganized Bedouin villages because Israel itself is responsible for this systematic discrimination and denial of Bedouins” basic rights

Many Bedouins told HRW about the devastating impact of home demolitions on their families, adding that the IOA typically demolishes their homes without advanced warning, often leaving families with nothing more than a tent for shelter, the report says.