• January 24, 2015
  • 2 minutes read

Huge Security Force Arrests 16-Year Old Beltagy Son

Huge Security Force Arrests 16-Year Old Beltagy Son
Coup security forces arrested Khaled Beltagy, 16-year old son of Mohamed Beltagy (senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood), at dawn on Friday.

On his official page in Facebook, Ammar Beltagy, Beltagy’s eldest son (who resides outside Egypt), said: "They broke into our home the same way, and at the same time, as they did in 2011… They killed my 17-year old sister, and arrested my father, my brother Anas, and now my youngest brother Khaled. A huge number of armed militias in armored vehicles abducted him, holding him in an undisclosed location until now".

Coup authorities killed Asmaa Beltagy as they used maximum force and violence in breaking up the peaceful Rabaa protest camp, in 2013. Then, Beltagy himself was arrested. Months later, coup security forces arrested his middle son Anas on fabricated charges. They also chased his eldest son Ammar into exile.