Human rights activists condemn security practices against MB students.

Human rights activists condemn security practices against MB students.

MB students carrying banners protest and condemn the dismissal and suppression of freedoms of expression at Egyptian universities demanding investigations.

The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement condemned the arbitrary practices of some college departments at a number of Egyptian universities in which Egyptian security officers and students nominated in the University Students’ Union elections assaulted Brotherhood students.

The Association’s report, (a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb), condemned the referral of MB students to investigation with flimsy excuses in an effort to prevent them from running for the students’ union elections. Names were also eliminated from the initial nominees’ lists.

The Association witnessed the lack of democracy in a number of Egyptian universities on the opening of doors for the submitting of nomination papers.  “The vast majority of the Brotherhood students were unable to withdraw their nomination papers form the Youth Welfare Offices in various faculties at the Cairo University, the report said.

“MB students in the Faculty of Commerce and Science, Medicine and Engineering faced injustices including deprivation from withdrawing application forms while those who were successful in withdrawing the forms failed to pay the necessary expenses due to the closed doors of the Treasury”, the report detailed.

Similar measures were practiced on the Muslim Brotherhood students from the Ain Shams, Helwan, Alexandria, Suez, Tanta, Zagazig, Fayoum and Mansoura universities, where security forces violated freedom of rights. In some instances fights broke out between the MB students, and other nominees students as feelings of suppression and unjust began to rise and bias was felt due to the irrational behaviour of some  officials and University Deans including Dr Ahmed Hendy from the Alexandrian Faculty of law where he expressed that the MB students were point blank “unwelcome”.

The report concluded by stating that “ The decline in the number of students applying for the student union elections last year and the year before is an indication of the lack of confidence in the student’s union elections.  The students are completely convinced that the elections are subject to unfair regulations governed and interference by the administrative organizations therefore deeming it impossible for free and transparent elections.