Human Rights Calls for the Dismissal of the Minister of Interior and Senior Leadership of the Police

Human Rights Calls for the Dismissal of the Minister of Interior and Senior Leadership of the Police

The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights demands the dismissal of the Minister of Interior and leaders of the police who issued and implemented decisions to fire on the demonstrators. They also called for bringing them to justice on charges of killing three people and injuring thousands.

The centre stressed that the use of force and killing demonstrators will not weaken their will, but will push them to continue their demands for justice, freedom and to prosecute the killers.

The foundation “Observers without Barriers” denounced the use of live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas by the security forces and policemen against the demonstrators in the early hours of today in the Midan Al-Tahrir area. They also denounced the use of excessive force against protestors in the Suez Canal which resulted in the death of many people.

The foundation said: “The lighting of reflective lights and shooting of hundreds of tear gas and water pumps during the freezing cold weather, simply contradicts the most basic humanitarian norms.”

In its statement, the foundation called on security forces to stop the random arrests of demonstrators, political activists and journalists and to immediately release the detainees and prisoners.

 The statement warned of the lack of serious acts by the government and the continued postponement of taking urgent actions to meet the aspirations of the Egyptian people and the need for serious discussion about Egypt’s future with the participation of all political and national forces without exclusion or marginalization of any of them.

 Hemaya Centre for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders denounced the use of excessive force against activists who organize peaceful protests in the different provinces of Egypt. They also denounced the use of water cannons and tear gas to disperse demonstrators as well as arresting dozens and detaining them in downtown Cairo.

The centre also condemned the assaults against a number of journalists assigned to cover the news on the "Day of Rage". The reporter of Masrawy website was attacked with batons and dragged on the ground, causing him severe injuries all over his body. The same thing happened with the Lebanese reporter of The Associated Press Sameer Jameel whose eyes were severely injured.