Human Rights Center: Price Increase Instigates the People to Strike

Human Rights Center: Price Increase Instigates the People to Strike

A statement issued by Maet Center for Judicial and Constitutional Studies said that the Egyptian government insists on certain procedures leading to the people”s strike, as mentioned in Masrawy website.

The statement added that without any prior notices and after the rosy governmental promises introduced by the national newspapers during the president”s birthday, the quiet Egyptian street who refuses strikes, as they alleged, experienced a very intense public discontent regarding the decisions made by the NDP”s cabinet after the approval of the NDP MPs in the Egyptian PA.

The statement proceeded to say: “It is not strange that Ahmad Ezz; chairman of the      Planning and Balance Committee at the PA and the biggest monopolist of one of the most important strategic commodities in Egypt; namely, “Iron” industry, spread the news approved by the parliamentary regarding the increases in prices of gasoline, kerosene, cigarettes, the car fees, the value of tickets in transportation, and the natural gas, consequently, the prices of basic commodities would be raised.

Also, it was natural that the NDP MPs gathered to ratify the increases followed the president”s decision to grant 30% bonus added to the basic salary for the governmental employees; apart from the rest of the people who suffer from poverty, unemployment, and high cost of living; besides, they do not get their right in food or healthcare.

It is not strange that the MPs other than those of the NDP were not informed of the statement of the Planning and Balance Committee which collected, as they emphasized, 24 milliards pounds instead of 19 milliards. In addition, the MB MPs stood up for defending the rights of the people inside the parliamentary. It is known that the way the NDP deals with the people”s troubles is different from that of the MB.

Besides all such difficulties of the Egyptian people, the regime very cheaply exports the Egyptian natural gas to Israel lower than the global prices and for 20 years. Indeed there is no valid justification to do so or to continue in subsidizing the rich Spanish citizen by the subsidized natural gas. If the Israeli people are basically poor and in need for subsidization, the leaders in our government may find poor districts in Madrid, like the poor districts and quarters in Egypt such as Mansheyyat Nasser, Qal”et Al-Kabsh, Ezbit Al-Safeeh, or even Ad-Duweakah. However; we enjoy intimate relations with the Spanish people. On the other hand, we hate Israel severely and historically.

The Center also added that notifying the Egyptian people about the price increases a day later to the eighty president”s birthday; in which there was a call for public strike (May 4th), means that the government belittled the people”s conditions, as if they were punished because they did not participate in the strike or because the government wanted to get back the few pounds paid to the Mohallah”s workers in April 6th Strike in hundredfold. Or perhaps the government thinks to suppress any attempts to go through peaceful demonstrations against the increases in prices to stop the people”s progress while protecting the monopolists of such commodities.