Human Rights Center Shows Evidence of Sisi Interior Ministry Lies About Citizen’s Death

Human Rights Center Shows Evidence of Sisi Interior Ministry Lies About Citizen’s Death
The Arab-African Center for Freedoms and Human Rights (ACFHR) affirms that the Ministry of Interior (IM) lied in its statement on May 6, 2017 concerning the killing of Mohamed Abdel-Sattar Ghaith, 44 years, who was a teacher at Abdel-Samie Salomah Preparatory School in the village of Mahdeya in Abu Al-Matamir, and lived in the same village in Beheira Province.

Based on evidence from government documents issued by Sisi’s government official bodies, ACFHR affirms that Ghaith was arrested (unarmed) from his place of work by police forces on April 9, 2017. The documents include an official letter from Abdel-Samie Salomah Preparatory School’s director inquiring about the reason for Ghaith’s arrest, and another from Al-Azhar – also inquiring about the reason for the arrest. Both documents prove that Ghaith was arrested and detained on April 9, 2017; and both are stamped with official seals.

The Egyptian IM issued a statement on Saturday – May 6, 2017 claiming Ghaith had been killed by IM security forces in an exchange of fire, which contradicts all the official documents available to ACFHR; and contradicts Ghaith family’s reports and appeals before news of his death were announced by the IM. Indeed, ACFHR is in possession of yet more official documents that prove Mohamed Ghaith was apprehended and detained by the regime’s security forces since April 9, 2017 and that the IM account of what had happened is false.

ACFHR stresses that this is the third of such documented cases in less than two months, where false accounts are given by Sisi’s Ministry of Interior in official statements. In all cases, evidence from government documents and records as well as testimonies of eyewitnesses documented at the time of arrest by police forces proves citizens are rounded up, detained and then IM statements announce their deaths later claiming they were shot in an exchange of fire. The continuation of the Egyptian regime in its policy of liquidating dissidents and the killing of unarmed civilians is a flagrant violation of human rights and a new low never reached in the human rights situation in Egypt.

Arab African Center for Freedoms and Human Rights

Cairo – May 8, 2017