Human rights in Egypt slams regimes’ discrimination

Human rights in Egypt slams regimes’ discrimination

The Sawaseya Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Center Criticized the discriminating procedures practiced against Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy chairman Engineer Khairat Al-Shater   and his companions who were unjustly tried and currently serving unjust sentences issued by military court

A presidential pardon ensures that all detainees are entitled to release so long as half their prison sentence is served however authorities have denied the innocent MB members their constitutional rights and continue to detain the innocent men. The MB leaders were issued sentences ranging from 3-10 years despite numerous acquittals from Civilian courts

In a statement which “Ikhwanweb” received a copy Sawaseya ascertained that the regime has revealed discrimination with its intended exclusion of the MB from the release order

The statement highlighted that the policies practiced by the regime reveal severe obstinacy by the system with its aggressive hostility towards government political opposition. The statement stressed that preventing the MB detainees from release was a clear violation of the law, constitution and a breach to all international norms, conventions and human rights ratified by Egypt

The centre asserted that the regime illustrates that it has no intention for open and honest dialogue with any opposition and aims at intimidating opposition by continuing to detain innocent members from opposing trends