Human Rights Network Asks Mubarak to End Ibrahim Eissa Trial

Human Rights Network Asks Mubarak to End Ibrahim Eissa Trial

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information asked President Mubarak on Saturday, September 27 to end the trial of the journalist Ibrahim Eissa, in the so-called “President”s Health case,” in which the ruling will be issued on Sunday, September 28.

The Arabic Network referred to the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh”s decision to release the journalist Abdul Kareem al Khiwany, who had been sentenced to prison for six years, last Wednesday as well as the Moroccan King Mohamed Al-Sades”s grant of amnesty to Fo’ad Murtada, who had impersonated the king”s brother on Facebook, and hence was sentenced to prison for three years, last April.

The Network added that all those concerned with the freedom of press and freedom of expression are looking forward to the ruling on Sunday that will allow the Editor in Chief of Al- Dustour Daily Independent Newspaper Ibrahim Eissa to resume his activities, especially before Eid Al-Fitr (Celebration that ends the fast of Ramadan). They are expecting the President to exercise his powers and issue a decision to end the trial as he had done several times before whether by allowing retrials, granting amnesty or issuing release decisions.

The Human Rights Network stressed the confidentiality of this case, as it directly concerns the President”s person. Prosecutors had accused Ibrahim Eissa of “spreading false news” regarding the President’s health, and on March 26 he was sentenced to prison for six months with bail.

“This case reminds us of the President”s promise four years ago which has not been fulfilled till now regarding ending the imprisonment for crimes concerned with press publishing,” the Arabic Network added.
The ANHRI said “Before Eid Al-Fitr, and in the midst of Egyptian gloom and anger over a number of catastrophes and crises which have permeated the Egyptian society, the anticipation of the court’s ruling to end the trial stands as a ray of hope.  We hope President Mubarak will do it.”