• January 26, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Human Rights Report Uncovers Significant Increase in Junta Crimes and Violations Against Protesters

Human Rights Report Uncovers Significant Increase  in Junta Crimes and Violations Against Protesters
The independent (non-government) Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms (EORF)’s specially set-up unit monitoring January 25 Revolution violations reported that: "The last three hours witnessed a significant escalation in violations and crimes committed by the army and police against demonstrators in the streets and squares of 10 provinces in Egypt:

Arrests: 151 protesters, of whom 35 girls and women have just been released. They were arrested on Sunday morning in Menoufia (in Egypt’s Nile Delta), and 116 detainees (including 27 females and 89 males – young and old) are still held by military junta security apparatus.

Extrajudicial killings: The number of protesters killed by junta militias outside the law has risen to 8 cases of extra-judicial executions:

1. Hassan Atallah, 45 years old, from Awayed area – Alexandria

2. Omar Zaghloul Shaalan, 28 years, from Abul-Matamir area – Beheira (in Egypt’s Nile Delta)

3. Raed Saad, 25, from Abul-Matamir area – Beheira

4. Mohamed Saeed, Matareya – Cairo

5. Safwat Abdel-Rahman, Ain Shams – Cairo

6. Mohamed Sadiq, Matareya – Cairo

7. Mostafa Fawzi, Al-Haram – Giza

8. Mohamed Naggar, 25, Talibeya – Giza

Injuries: The number of casualties in the ranks of the demonstrators has risen to 121 cases, 17 of them very serious injuries, in Kafr El-Sheikh, Minya, Alexandria and Cairo.

EORF has documented 11 injuries, and no deaths, in the ranks of the army and police.

Clashes continued between protesters and police forces, as security forces broke up demonstrations and fired live bullets at demonstrators. Meanwhile, cases of road-blocking and torching of state facilities increased, as people expressed anger at the Ministry of Interior’s failure in protecting of state facilities and its continued repression of demonstrations.

EORF said that: "The security approach adopted by army and police forces against peaceful demonstrations will lead to more tension, crises and lawlessness. These coup forces kill and maim with impunity, as the public prosecutor overlooks their crimes and violations, and investigation authorities not only overlooks those crimes, but boldly tampers with crime scenes.

"For example, witnesses told our delegates in Alexandria that army personnel deliberately tampered with the crime scene where Hassan Atallah was killed by live army bullets Sunday morning in Awayed district. Troops changed the position of Atallah’s body, put guns next to it, then photographed and published the ‘set-up’ pictures to deceive and mislead public opinion, so as to convince the Egyptian people that Atallah was a terrorist and therefore deserved to be so executed. This is of course a blatant lie."