Human Rights Reports: Enforced Disappearance, Arrests of Women in October Escalates to Reach 46

Human Rights Reports: Enforced Disappearance, Arrests of Women in October Escalates to Reach 46

Rights group Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms’ (ECRF)’s latest statistics on women detained in Egyptian prisons revealed an increase in the number of girls and women arbitrarily detained and sentenced to prison terms on politically-motivated charges, to reach 46 detainees in October 2017.

Human rights activist Hoda Abdel-Moneim pointed to the escalating arrests of women and how authorities hold them hostages to force their relatives to surrender to security apparatuses – a new and abhorrent phenomenon that must be stopped immediately. She urged human rights activists and organizations to help stop this atrocious crime committed repeatedly by junta regime authorities against Egyptian women.

On the Egyptian authorities’ policy of enforced disappearance of girls, Ahmed Abu-Zeid, researcher at the Arab Media Freedom Monitor, said the high rate of enforced disappearance of girls is a new crime committed vindictively by the coup regime.

"This calls for a unified human rights movement to put pressure on Egyptian regime authorities to stop this systematic crime, which is a blatant violation of legal principles recognized by the Constitution and the law."

ECRF’s list of female detainees included:

First: Nine detainees already sentenced to jail terms:

1. Samia Shanan "life imprisonment"

2. Iman Mustafa "10 years imprisonment, military court"

3. Esraa Khalid "13 years, civil and military courts"

4. Shaimaa Ahmed Saad "5 years"

5. Gihad Abdel-Hamid Taha "3 years"

6. Basma Rifaat "15 years"

7. Fawzia Dessouki "10 years"

8. Yasmin Nadi "3 years"

9. Amal Saber "3 years"

Second: 23 detainees remanded in pretrial custody:

1. Hala Abdel-Mogith

2. Hala Saleh

3. Rana Abdullah

4. Sarah Abdullah

5. Fatima Ali Gaber

6. Sherine Saeed Bekheet

7. Rabab Abdel-Mohsen

8. Ola Hussein

9. Rabab Ismail

10. Reem Qutb

11. Hanan Badr-Eddin

12. Sarah Abdel-Moneim

13. Mona Salem

14. Ghada Abdel-Aziz

15. Sarah Gamal

16. Fatima El-Sayed (AKA Hala Gayyed)

17. Inas Yasser

18. Ola Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

19. Raheeq Saeed

20. Roqaya Mustafa

21. Maryam Amr Habish

22. Asmaa Khaled Ezzelregal

23. Asmaa Zeidan

Third: 14 women under enforced disappearance:

1. Nora Sadiq Al-Sharqawi

2. Rania Ali Omar Radwan

3. Ola Abdel-Hakim Mohamed Al-Saeed

4. Rehab Mahmoud Abdel-Sattar

5. Zubeida Ibrahim Ahmed Yoni

6. Samaher Abul-Rish

7. Karima Ramadan

8. Fathia Mazid Sondoq

9. Iman Hamdi Abdel-Hamid

10. Nisreen Abdullah Suleiman Robaa

11. Ayah Mossad Al-Dahshan

12. Afaf Hussain Salem

13. Omaima Hussein Salem

14. Somaya Maher Hazema