Human Rights Watch Comment on Referring Civilians to Military Courts

Mr. Elijah Zarwan, an observer from Human Rights Watch who rejected referring civilians to military trials in Egypt said to to ikhwanweb that the view and attitude of  Human Rights Watch, “Human Rights Watch considers trying civilians in front of military courts as a very serious case that they should monitor and have a role towards it.”
He added, “According to the African commission of Human Rights, which is a body created to monitor the compliance of the African rulers on human rights, civilians should never be charged infront of military courts. The Egyptian government has violated such human rights.”
“Military courts are controlled by the executive authority. Certainly this raises many doubts about its independence and impartiality.”, This was Mr. Elijah’s comment on the fairness and impartiality of military tribunals.
At the end, Elijah Zarwan commented on the violations happening in Egypt saying, “Unfortunately, there are many serious Human Rights problems in Egypt everyday. We call the government to respect all kinds of Human Rights.”
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