• November 19, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

Human Rights Watchdog: Two Journalists Abducted by Sisi Security Forces, 94 Detained to Date

Human Rights Watchdog: Two Journalists Abducted by Sisi Security Forces, 94 Detained to Date
In continuation of the enforced disappearance crime against political dissidents and civil society by Gen. Sisi since the military coup of July 3, 2013, security forces have taken into custody two more journalists, Sayyid Foda and Omar Taha, from their homes to unknown locations.

The family of journalist Sayyid Fathi Sayyid Foda, a resident of Qalyub in Qalioubia province, said that he was subjected to enforced disappearance since Wednesday November 15, and that family received information indicating he’s detained at security headquarters.

In 2015, Sayyid was arrested by security agents from his home and taken to an unknown location for several days before being brought before the prosecution, which decided to detain him on political charges until he was released several weeks later.

Sayyid worked in several Egyptian newspapers and news websites, including the pro-Sisi news website of Vito. He does not belong to any political groups and enjoys good reputation among the people of his village.

A second journalist, Omar Taha Ibrahim, 23, lives in Helwan and works for the ‘official’ Middle East News Agency (MENA), was arrested by security forces from his home on Thursday November 9, and was taken to an unknown location.

On the other hand, in response to the claims by Makram M. Ahmed, head of the Supreme Council of Media Regulation in Egypt, a government body, in which he stated that there is no journalists detained because of their work, ideas, or beliefs and that most of the banned wesites belong to the Muslim Brotherhood; the Arab Media Freedom Monitor, known as Ikshef, expressed regret for such false statements by the one who is supposed to defend the freedom of the press and to stand firm against the imprisonment of journalists, and the banning of newspapers, sites and satellite channels. Instead he is justifying the suppression of press freedom and the imprisonment of journalists and banning websites.

Ikshef also added that according to data it publishes monthly, 94 journalists, reporters and photographers are currently detained (according to the latest October 2017 report) either by means of remand orders or prison sentences issued by civil or military tribunals, as well as numerous cases of detention.