Humanitarian Lebanese ship sets sail for besieged Gaza

Humanitarian Lebanese ship sets sail for besieged Gaza

A Lebanese ship named fraternity left at noon Monday the port of Tripoli en route to the port of Larnaca and then, if possible, to the besieged Gaza Strip to deliver food, medical supplies, clothes and toys.

Hani Suleiman, the coordinator of this sea trip, said that 82 participants including 10 figures from different foreign nationalities would be boarding the ship.

Ma”moun Mekhal, the trip”s logistics coordinator, said the amount of donations reached in three days about 50 tons of food, medicines and other supplies.

The ship will most likely not be allowed to dock at the Gaza port and thus the alternative solution is to unload at the Egyptian Arish port.

In another context, Rashid Al-Qatbi, the head of the Moroccan committee for health professionals, stated upon his arrival along with a medical delegation at the Rafah border crossing that the Moroccan people would never forsake the Palestinian people and would continue to support them in all ways until the end of the occupation and the establishment of the Palestinian state.

Qatbi pointed out that the Moroccan delegation would visit a number of hospitals and health institutions in Gaza to identify their medical needs and work on supporting them.