Humanitarian Organizations calling to stop fighting in Muthur

 The All universities Muslim Students’ Association requested the security forces and the LTTE to stop the hostilities immediately to facilitate provision of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population cough up in the fighting.


The peaceful protest by the All university organization was held near the law faculty of the University of Colombo at 3.00pm Friday.


Meanwhile another peaceful protest organize by an alliance of humanitarian organizations was held at the Lipton circle yesterday at 4.30pm to calling to stop the fighting immediately and to save the lives of the civilian population in Muthur immediately. A petition was handed over in this regard to government authorities.


Muthur people in severe crisis


(Muslim Information Centre, 05.08.2006, 3.10pm) The estimated 16,000 refugees who have come to Kantalai are experiencing severe problems in shelter food, sanitation, health needs and no organized affords appears to be done to care for the people by the government.


Meanwhile the civilian population remaining in Muthur are being harassed by LTTE carders and obstructed from fleeing Muthur to be used as human shield by the LTTE in its fighting with SLArmy.


The bodies of civilians who got killed by a motor shell in Al-hilal school are unable to be berried due to continue firing. About 1600 civilians have sought refuge in this school. Relief organizations are unable to enter the school due to the prevailing situation.   


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