Hundreds of Demonstrations In Egypt Protesting Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Hundreds of Demonstrations In Egypt Protesting Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Hundreds of demonstrations were held in various Egyptian governorates after Friday Prayer attended by thousands of Egyptians to voice their anger towards the ongoing Israeli terrorist and bloody aggression on unarmed civilians in the coastal Palestinian Gaza Strip .

In the northern governorate of El- Behera, the Muslim Brotherhood organized 30 marches that toured villages and districts of El-Behera. Attended by 90 thousand demonstrators, the marches condemned the ongoing Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip and killing innocent women and children with cold blood. The marches- also attended by Muslim Brotherhood leaders and MPs- faced security harassments.

In the governorate of Sharqiya, 120 marches were held. They included huge numbers of children and universities young men who condemned killing innocent people in Gaza. The children raised signs attacking the international silence towards killing hundreds of children and attacking the international community inaction to support and rescue the children.

In the coastal governorate of Alexandria, 100 thousand responded to the Muslim Brotherhood”s call to demonstrate in solidarity with Gaza residents. The demonstrations were held under tight security measures including a security cordon around Al-Qaid Ibrahim Mosque in Mahatet El Raml. The security measures to deny demonstrators access were a failure especially with the huge numbers that flooded the area. Also among those who attended the demonstrations Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Alexandria and Muslim Brotherhood MPs for the governorate and judge Mahmoud Al Khodairi, the deputy chief of the Court of Cassation.


In Damietta, 10 thousand held a demonstration in front of Ibadul Rahman mosque after national powers in Damietta called for demonstrating to condemn the continuous brutal aggression amid the international silence towards killing hundreds of martyrs including children and women. The demonstrators chanted slogans in which they expressed their staunch support to resistance demanding it to continue its steadfastness in front of the continuous Zionist terrorism. The demonstrators also condemned the disgraceful official Arab attitude towards the massacres and genocide committed against Gaza residents.

The governorate Kafr Al-Sheikh witnessed 62 demonstrations after the Muslim Brotherhood called on people to demonstrate in cities and villages. The demonstrations included Muslim Brotherhood leaders and top figures and were attended by MPs. The 30 thousand demonstrators condemned the Zionist massacres committed against Gaza people.


In Bani Suwayf, the Muslim Brotherhood organized 40 marches and demonstrations that included 80 thousand participants and Muslim Brotherhood leaders and figures.

In the city of Shibin Al Kawm, Monoufia Governate, more than 15 thousand staged a large demonstration in front of the Association of Muslim Youth. The demonstrators- led by MPs, scholars and Muslim Brotherhood figures- chanted slogans in which they condemned the Zionist invasion and ground assault on Gaza. They condemned the unfair assault that kills everyone including children, women and elderly people. The demonstrators backed the Palestinian resistance and slammed the international conniving towards the Palestinian people.

In the Egyptian capital Cairo, the Cairo Doctors Union staged a demonstration to condemn the Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip. The demonstration- attended by general assembly members of the Cairo Doctors” Union”s- demanded Egyptian authorities give aid and doctors access to Gaza Strip to save thousands of injured and to fill the shortage in the Palestinian hospitals that can”t treat the large number of martyrs and injured. The demonstrators also demanded the international community to live up to its responsibility and stop the genocide committed against Gaza residents.

Also, the teaching staff members club in the Cairo University organized a conference to express support Gaza Strip and study how Egyptian university professors can aid Gaza Strip residents. In the neighborhood of Shubra, three demonstrations were staged, drawing five thousand demonstrators and People”s Assembly members.


It is worth noting that these demonstrations were held on Friday after both the Muslim Brotherhood chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef and Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, chairman of the International Council of Muslim Scholars, called for demonstrating on Friday to voice anger and rage over the ongoing shedding of the blood of innocent civilians in Gaza at the hands the Zionist troops.