Husband of a MB Candidate in Qalyubiya Detained with 21 Others for 15 Days

Husband of a MB Candidate in Qalyubiya Detained with 21 Others for 15 Days

Banha prosecution decided to arrest Dr Hesham Khafagy, husband of MB candidate, Hoda Ghaneya, who is running for the women’s seat in Qalyubiya governorate. Dr Khafagy will be detained along with 21 others for 15 days pending investigations.

Security forces and thugs in Qalyubiya stopped a car rally for Ghaneya, attacked everyone, causing severe injuries and arrested 16 of her supporters including her husband, Dr Hesham Zaky Khafagy, vice-director of the MB administrative bureau in Qalyubiya.

Security forces used an ambulance and a Qalyubiya-registered car bearing the number (50) to arrest MB supporters.

Four passers by, who were not involved in the rally, were arrested mistakenly.
The prosecution charged them with unlawful assembly, resisting the authorities, rioting, attacking policemen and being affiliated to an illegal group.

Afifi el-Bagoury, MB lawyer in Qalyubiya, told Ikhwanweb that this is the beginning of rigging the upcoming parliamentary elections and a message from security bodies to intimidate voters and stop them from supporting MB candidates.

He criticised the arbitrary measures taken by security officers against lawyers while carrying out their jobs, saying:”General Hossam Gad-Allah dealt arbitrarily with lawyers and attempted to make them angry to stop them from doing their work in defending the detainees. He also refused to give defendants the food, clothing and blankets that lawyers brought for them.”

He also pointed out that the prosecution considered policemen as victims and the defendants as criminals, all of which is untrue because all those detained have been injured. He called for a review by forensic scientists to prove the extent of their injuries.