Ibrahim Monir Lays Out Muslim Brotherhood’s Position on Initiatives to Resolve Egyptian Crisis

Ibrahim Monir Lays Out Muslim Brotherhood’s Position on Initiatives to Resolve Egyptian Crisis

Ibrahim Monir, Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman, welcomed any initiatives or sincere patriotic efforts to end the current crisis and roadblocks in Egypt under the current difficult circumstances, stressing that there are rights and constants should not be overlooked.

In an exclusive interview with Arabi21, Monir stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood is ready to deal positively with any vision or practical solutions presented by any person, Egyptian, Arab or international party to try to get out of the current crisis that ravages the country and its capabilities, and crush the people and their rights under the military rule, adding that the Muslim Brotherhood will accept a just conclusion formulated by wise and rational persons at home or abroad, and will work with others on the ground within Egypt to fully implement its terms.

However, Monir doubted any serious talks of reconciliation will come from al Sisi regime under the current circumstances, while the legitimate President of the Republic Dr. Mohamed Morsi is dying inside his prison, tens of thousands of political prisoners are held hostages, and many, including women and girls, are subject to enforced disappearances.

He added that the regime promotes the idea of ​​reconciliation as an attempt to cover its failure and fascist practices, and it is not willing to offer anything to ease the tension as a prelude for reconciliation, stressing that some talks about reconciliation come as part of a scheme of strategic deception on the part of the current regime for its own political gains.

Monir said that the Egyptian people need to see confidence building measures as a prelude to any reconciliation. At the top of these measures is the release of all political detainees and those who have been sentenced in flawed trials, ending all brutal police practices and harassments against innocent people, and ceasing all sorts of media offense and intimidation. Then a serious conversation will begin to crystallize comprehensive visions of transitional justice and crisis resolution, according to Monir.

Monir considered the talks about reconciliation surfacing from time to time are blatant maneuver through which the regime attempts to address its foreign sponsors in the West, while its supporters at home and its media outlets fiercely attack and smear anyone who utters the word ‘reconciliation’; exporting a false image that the Muslim Brotherhood rejects all resolutions and proposals and insists on its non-conciliatory positions, and falsely claim that the Egyptian people themselves reject such reconciliation.

Monir indicated that there are reports al Sisi was advised by some of his western PR experts to promote the idea of reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood to improve the image of his regime by creating a softer breakthrough impression with respect to the Egyptian political situation, particularly in view of attacks on his regime by international media and human rights organizations.

Monir stressed that the Brotherhood received no contacts or initiatives during the recent period, and he is not aware of any similar contacts with President Mohamed Morsi or the detained Muslim Brotherhood leaders, adding if the regime has any real intention to resolve the crisis, it should talk to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in prisons.

"If the regime has a sincere intention of reconciliation and is honest in what it claims, what prevents it from directly contacting President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership in its custody? and if there have been any contacts with them, why can’t the regime declare that clearly to the public for the sake of transparency?"

Monir also explained that reconciliation efforts must include everyone in the opposition, not only the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore it is necessary to call all opposition figures who stood against the military regime, both at home and abroad, to listen to them and consult with them in this matter.

Monir called on those who once supported al Sisi regime, his crimes and rights violations to take a step back and be a contributor to the crisis resolution not a contributor to crisis itself, adding that any serious mediation must come from neutral parties acceptable to all.