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  • October 2, 2017
  • 5 minutes read

Ibrahim Mounir: Muslim Brotherhood Determined to End Coup

Ibrahim Mounir: Muslim Brotherhood Determined to End Coup

 Ibrahim Mounir, Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman, said the group would not abandon its role rejecting the military coup in Egypt, until the full ouster of general Sisi’s repressive regime, even if this pushed it to the forefront of events in the homeland. He pointed that the Egyptian opposition did not fail, but is still in shock after the horrific 2013 coup.

In an exclusive interview with "Arab21", Mounir expressed his hope that "the ranks of coup opponents – groups, individuals and organizations – will unite, without detracting from any of them. Anyone can lead this coalition, with selection criteria agreed upon by all… After all the suffering the Egyptian people went through, both at home and abroad, the views of the elite must not be in a place or direction contrary to the interests of the people".

Mounir further pointed that recent international human rights reports and harsh criticism of the coup regime have had a positive impact. "Repeated and promoted by the wider public, they embarrass governments and force them to correct their policies. That is what the opposition is doing abroad.

"Confronting general Sisi and his regime, while persistently exposing the junta and its repressive regime, has caused Sisi to lose all respect at all official levels. That is the most important step in aiding the decision to abandon him and his coup, because any judicial intervention based on these international reports will put decision-making politicians in a difficult position if they continue their hypocritical support of Sisi and his coup regime. That is what we hope will be achieved in the near future.

"No-one can claim that there are no honorable patriots in Egypt’s state institutions, even among those who were sent out by Sisi and the junta to kill peaceful protesters in Rabaa and Nahda Squares and other massacres since the 2013 coup."

Mounir further added: "The future of Egypt needs a collective vision, after the deliberate sabotage by the coup junta in Egypt, especially the intervention of the International Monetary Fund in the homeland, the squandering of water and gas rights, the demolition of real independence of sovereign territories and the people, all lost under military rule for the past sixty-five years.

Our strengths are bigger and brighter than weaknesses, if the Egyptian people march in the right direction".

The long interview also referred to repeated rumors  or reports about reconciliation and the position of the Muslim Brotherhood on that, and whether the group has received offers to end the current crisis, as well as the group’s vision for the presidential elections scheduled for mid-next year, and general Sisi’s current status at international and regional levels, after international criticism of his regime’s human rights violations, amongst other issues on the Egyptian scene.