Ignorance about Islam

Ignorance about Islam

Just read the article United States Stamp Honoring the Muslim religion, on the U.S. stamp, to honor the Islam religion. This article has apparently been written by a person who is very ignorant about the Islam religion, confuses a Muslim with a terrorist, and has not read the Koran.

To start with, “terrorism is forbidden in Islam which is a religion of peace.” People who deliberately want to harm the name of Islam have done all those terrorist attacks mentioned in the article.

— Islam and its Holy book Koran advises the followers of Islam, “peace, love, justice, brotherhood, sharing with others what God has given to one, belief in one God and praying to God for mercy and benevolence, respect for the truth and knowledge and sciences and the arts and beauty; for the parents, for one”s self and for others” just like the other Holy books of God.

 Koran only advises Muslims to attack on non-believers who attack Muslims for their belief in God. And if the non-believers stop their aggression, Koran advises Muslims to stop with their reactions. — To write on religions, requires a thorough study of these religions and their Holy Books. Otherwise irresponsively written articles such as this one in the sop, can give wrong ideas to the readers, which is definitely not the aim of such a highly respected publication as the sop. As a person well versed with all the books and religions of God, I despised this article and advise its writer to write on subjects he/she knows about, rather than writing on subjects about which he/she is ignorant.

The U.S. Government should be commended on issuing a postal stamp commemorating a feast of Islam. It is a beautiful stamp and a beautiful act of peace.

Islam comes from the Arabic word “slm” which means “peace” and Islam means “the religion of peace” and Muslim, “a person who believes in peace.” There is only one God, and it is impossible that God advises some of his believers “peace” but some of his believers, not.

Koran states: “One, who establishes peace on earth, will be its King.” “All the religions of God, on the surface of earth, have equal value.” “For those who hold all the prophets of God equal, we have a very big present in the other world.” And Mohammed”s words (Hadith): “A good Muslim is also a good Christian and a good Jew.” Let”s know what we write about, so people with knowledge do not laugh at us.