IIFSO condemns Al-Azhar student detentions

The International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) denounced the latest arrest campaign that the Egyptian security services launched against Muslim Brotherhood students from Al-Azhar University within a series of measures of persecution and harassment that the regime adopts against the student movement in Egypt;

The IIFSO praised the Egyptian student movement and the Muslim Brotherhood students, who struggle to restore their political rights and their public role, calling for immediately releasing the detainees of the last campaign.

The IIFSO said in a statement- a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb:” We have followed up- with severe concern- the violations of freedom of Egyptian students and harassments of the Egyptian security services against the student movement in universities, including intervening in the university affairs, striking off candidates from student union elections, flagrant interventions in the election process itself, excluding some students from living in university dormitories, unjustified dismissals, to reach its peak with arresting about 200 student leaders in Al-Azhar University, topped by the secretary general of the Free Student Union”.
The IIFSO confirmed that the students have the full right to exercise their peaceful activates inside the university campus, away from any security intervention, and it considers establishing freely and democratically elected Free Student Unions away from the government vented unions ” as a bold cry and a practical and legitimate method of protesting at the violations committed in the student arena by the regime’s bodies that persecute the nation’s best youth while it gives hollow promises of democratization and freedoms”.

The statement said also that the IIFSO calls on the Egyptian government to ” immediately release the detained students, stop the security interventions in the universities, and to guarantee the students’ legitimate right to elect their representatives and to express their opinions with full freedom”.

Due to their weight in the Egyptian arenas, the IIFSO urged the university professors and officials to take a unified stance ” that restores the good image of the universities as beacons of academic enlightenment, and an incubator to the nation leaders-to-be, and to confirm the independence of the universities”.
The statement called on civil society institutions and human rights organizations to ” carry out their role of defending student rights to have a sound student and university life, away from the security persecutions and interventions”.

Within framework of a series of measures that IIFSO called for due to latest arrests on Al-Azhar MB students, it urged the Egyptian students to file lawsuits to confront the current circumstances.

The Federation expressed its full solidarity with the detained students, and called on its institutions all over the world to send messages of protest to Egyptian embassies in their countries and to Human Rights Organizations as well, to protest and to exercise pressures on the Egyptian government to make it release the detained students.

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