IIP:Trial Is Meant To Overshadow Massacres &People’s Ordeal

Iraqi Islamic Party: Trial Is Meant To Overshadow Massacres &People’s Ordeal
The Iraqi Islamic Party received with a shock and disbelief a statement made by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri el Maleki in which he called on the Iraqi people to rejoice at the sentences issued against the former president and his henchmen.

The party in its statement wondered what makes the Iraqi people rejoice. “ Will the Iraqi people rejoice while over 650000 Iraqis have fallen dead, according to figures of the civil society organizations ?”, the statements asked, pointing out that among those fallen are national symbols and figures of caliber within the Iraqi society whose murder cases were forgotten or investigated on with double standard policies to cover up the murderers.

The statement also wondered how the Iraqi people are called to rejoice while tens of thousands of families have been expelled from their homes or those who have left their hometowns due to poverty and unemployment, or those evacuated for fear of killings on sectarian grounds which are committed by armed militias roaming the country and perpetrating brutalities without being brought to justice by the government authorities” which not only turn a blind eye to these massacres but it uses its security agencies and potentialities to perpetrate as such”, it said. 

 The statement, a copy of which was posted to Ikhwanweb, affirmed that the Iraqis unanimously agree that all those who commit brutalities against them must be brought to justice. However, it warned of using the trial to lead the Iraqi people off their daily tragedies and ordeal.

 “ It is the right of the Iraqis to ask what the new regime has offered to them, and what difference it makes between the old and the new regimes ”, the statement said, lamenting that the crimes committed by the current regime are far more that committed by the former one, citing the never heard crimes today such as killings on identity grounds, sectarian persecution and embezzlement of public funds, as well as massacres committed under the nose of , nay, under cover up on the part of, the security agencies.

The party in its statement asked if those who committed crimes after the occupation will be brought to justice, and whether the recent trial is a gift from the current regime to specific quarters.” Prisons and detention centers bustle with thousands of innocent,  and the crimes committed in the Dujail case pale in comparison with the bombardments and shelling of towns such as in Felluja where more than 2000 Iraqi fell dead in this single town only”, the statement said, recalling also the massacres in other towns and the tens of families who were wiped out ” Isn’t this sufficient to bring those perpetrators to justice, or that this recent trial is a gift offered for specific quarters”, the statement asked, calling for the government to tackle the Iraqi people’s tragedy and stop of bloodshed and bring post Saddam criminals to justice.

 “ The government has to put an end to the militias of death and immediately head for national reconciliation and stop the policy political exclusion ,and bring to justice all criminals before and after the Saddam regime”, the statement said.

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