IIP Confirms Having Confidence in Tarek Al Hashemi’s Leadership

The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) confirmed having full confidence in Mr. Tarek Al Hashemi in his positions as IIP Party Secretary-General and Iraqi vice-president, denying some media reports about demanding replacing Tarek Al Hashemi.
“The Iraqi Islamic Party confirms its proudness of fellow member Mr. Tarek Al Hashemi who assumed leadership in the party during hard times, whose three brothers were martyred; hardships and concerns have never blocked him from serving all Iraqis and insisting on seeking its unity, independence and building according to national criteria” said the party in a press statement.
It pointed out that:” A news bar of an Iraqi satellite channel showed a piece of news quoting the Iraqi Islamic Party saying it demands changing vice-president Tarek Al Hashemi.
“While we confirm that these reports are totally false, we know by who has it been circulated in addition to other groundless rumours; we advise these parties to adopt legitimate methods that may serve the interests of the Iraqi people and to be positive in dealing with interests of this war-torn country.
On a different note, Dr. Alaa Makki, an member of parliament for the Iraqi Accordance Front said that the front has no plans for changing Dr. Mahmoud Al Mashhadani as parliament speaker, and he confirmed that this issue is related after all to the front.
“The Accordance Front hasn’t received any official request for changing Dr. Al Mashhadani and I think no leader in the Accordance Front will be changed”.
“We don’t have the right to lodge n official request for changing leaders of other blocs and others don’t have the right to do the same with us” said Makki, adding that this issue is politically rejected.
Concerning views sent to Al Mashhadani, the Iraqi MP said:” Every one whether from among us in parliament or from other political movements has the read to express his views.

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