IIP Issues a Statement on Assassination of Yousuf el Hassan

IIP Issues a Statement on Assassination of Yousuf el Hassan

The once peaceful city of Basra, which has been embracing all sects throughout its history, has become a hotbed for the ethnic cleansing which extended to include some honorable towns’ figures who had a great role in maintaining and deepening peace. The perpetrators continued their heinous crimes and killed today Mr. Yousuf el Hassan a main figure who was a beacon of unity and a strong proponent of virulent attacks in the city. Mr. Hassan was the head of the Muslim scholar in the south area and was assassinated while he was heading for the Friday prayers in Al Gamea al Kabeer (the Main Mosque), a crime which exposes those who betrayed their nation for the interest of its enemy. We in the Iraqi Islamic Party hold the Iraqi government and its security agencies as well as the British forces stationed in Basra, responsible for this heinous crime which was committed only because of lax security measures and not vigorously pursuing criminals of such crimes in the past. May God be pleased with Martyr sheikh Yousuf Al Hassan and reward him with paradise, Amen


June 16th 2006                 


Sheikh Hussein Assassinated in Al Ghazaleya, Amid Continued Targeting of Sunni People       

Amid a wave of ethnic cleansing targeting imams and preachers of Sunni mosques in Baghdad, two gunmen assassinated this morning the imam and preacher of the Al Mohaymen mosque in al Ghazaleya, Sheikh Hussein Abdullah, and seriously injured the Mo”azen (caller for prayer) who was immediately taken to hospital. Mosque guard vanished while helping the wounded sheik, no information yet on his whereabouts. Eye witnesses said that the guard had gone with a number of police men to receive the body of Sheikh Hussein Abdullah but later disappeared.

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