• November 27, 2006
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IIP Urges Unity to Save Iraq

IIP Urges Unity to Save Iraq

Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) released, on Thursday November 23, 2006, a statement on the incidents taking place in Baghdad on that very day. The statement, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, called on all Iraqis of all their political and religious spectrums to immediately seek to stop the deteriorating situation on the political arena in Iraq.

In a dark tunnel
The statement said that the Iraqi security situation has gone into a dark tunnel, lamenting that five months have passed since the new government was formed but, so far, it has failed in handling heated political and security files in the country, while it ” has turned a deaf ear to any calls from faithful Iraqi parties and figures to adopt a stricter and more just and unbiased policy with all forms of criminal and terrorist groups which have gone on the rampage for over a year now”, the statement said, adding that, since last October, the party has met with and posted the country leaders and political blocs, approaching genuine solutions to shore up the ailing country and urging the national security council to step in and take decisive measures towards the heated and volatile issues” but no step has been taken by the political bloc leaders to stop this deterioration”.

The government responded to the suggestions and approaches by lashing out at the party and other nationalists, accusing them of racist and political hypocrisy, according to the statement. The statement warned that the militias and terrorist organizations have, since last February, roamed the country killing and burning. It referred specifically to the incidents that took place during the last two weeks which witnessed the most heinous atrocities at the hands of these militias which commit so many crimes in impunity. It cited mass kidnappings among employees of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as university students. The statement detailed the Thursday’s twelve terrorist incidents which included killings, arsons, kidnappings and mortar attacks on mosques and other buildings.

Course of action recommended

The statement called for an urgent conference embracing all political blocs even those who are not participating in the government, in an attempt to come up with a purely Iraqi vision by which a unity government is formed to save the country from its turmoil and stem its sliding into a civil war.