Ikhwan MP deplores Govt Indifference to People’s Lives

In continuation of steps taken by the Muslim Brotherhood to urge the government to put an end to the phenomena of train crash accidents, Dr. Abdul Fattah Hassan, an MB Parliamentary Bloc member, tabled two requests of information to both Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazeef and Minister of Health Dr. Mohammed Awad Tageddin in which he depicted the recurrent train accidents as a sign of deteriorating conditions of the railway lines as well as government indifference to the Egyptian people’s lives, citing the train crash incident which took place on August 21, 2006, claiming the lives of 58 persons. Dr. Hassan also criticized the lack of medical supplies which must be provided in hospitals where the injured were taken to receive first aid and treatment. In his request of information, Dr. Hassan also demanded the identifying of officials responsible for these recurrent accidents to bring them to account, calling on the government also to lay down a phased plan by which the railway system could be rehabilitated and enhanced to avoid such accident in the future. It is noted that delay of the arrival of medical supplies further worsened the conditions of survivors, something which prompted the citizens to exert public rather than official efforts to save the victims.