Ikhwan MPs Delegation Meets With UN Representative

A delegation from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood MPs topped by Dr. Hamdy Hassan, spokesperson of the MB Parliamentary Bloc, and his deputy met with Ms. Geneve Abdu, the researcher with the UN Secretary General Office, who conducted a dialogue with the MB representatives concerning their vision toward some political issues which the UN Secretary General will count on for his evaluation of the Islamists’ political performance especially in countries where Islamists have won parliamentary seats.

Among these issues of concern were the visions of the Bloc as regards rotation of power, the way of implementing sharia once the Muslim Brotherhood has reached power, and whether the MB intends to adopt a dialogue with the Western governments and the international organizations topped by the United Nations. For his part, Dr. Hamdy Hassan attributed the landslide victory achieved by the Ikhwan, in which the group garnered 88 seats in the parliament, to three factors: good  judiciary supervision on the election which blocked much vote rigging, the good reputation of the MB among Egyptian people through years of social services, and the good choice of the candidates. “While the number of seats does not enable us to pass  or rescind laws, we try to get our motions and draft laws across to the parliament hoping the majority will approve them” Dr. Hamdy said, adding that “the recent bill we tabled concerned the independence of the judiciary authority and separation of powers, but the government with its majority managed to pass its bill which  negatively affects the independence of judiciary” He also said that the Bloc has discussed the provisional detention law as well as the law of imprisonment in publishing cases so that these laws are not used against the opposition.

On the relations with the other opposition and independent MPs, the MB deputy said that they managed, in cooperation with the opposition and independent members (120 deputies in number) to thwart some items contravening with the Constitution. The Bloc also tabled a bill calling for amending some items in the Penal Law in a way that forestalls torture in prisons and bringing to account those officers involved therein. 

Deputy Saad el Husseiny pointed out that most of the bills tabled by the MPs parliamentary Bloc are taken from the Ikhwan platform, such as calling for abolishing the emergency law and unconditional freedom of creating political parties, as well as amendments to the law of exercising political rights.                       

On the vision of the Bloc toward the change and power swap and its position toward Gamal Mubarak succeeding his father in power, Dr. Hamdy said that there is a tug of war between the regime and all civil society establishments. Though many expect that Gamal will succeed his ailed father, Hassan said that the Muslim Brotherhood advocates democracy and transparency which enjoin rotation of power and rights of citizenship, giving authority to the civil society and establishing the principle of separation of powers, warning of collapse of the regime and political chaos which could happen if this status quo continues.

Dr. Hamdy Hassan downplayed the western fears toward the ascension of the Ikhwan to power, pointing out that there are some in the west who promote misleading infotmation about Islam and the sharia, affirming that the history of Islam abounds so many examples of protecting human rights and giving women their full rights. The Bloc representative added that the followers of all the three heavenly religions co existed under the rule of the first Islamic state where Jews shared  Muslims and Christians same duties and rights.

Mr. Saad el Husseiny concluded by saying that any one who delves into sharia will find it abound a lot of examples of mercy, justice, equity and human rights as well as respect and honoring pledges and treaties between all people regardless of their religions or races.
The Bloc assured that Ikhwan welcomes dialogue with all parties, citing the visit paid by the European High Commission to Ikhwan figures and the meeting of the Ikhwan MPs with the British ambassador at the Parliament, as well as their meeting with US Congressmen.

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