• June 25, 2006
  • 6 minutes read

Ikhwanophobia Reaches A New Level

Ikhwanophobia Reaches A New Level

The story of the high school student who failed her finals because she criticized the US policies in the region and its support for corrupt regimes, in an assay she wrote in the exam, is terrible news to the freedom of expression! 

The officials at the ministery of Education in Al-Dakhaliya apparently accused the girl Ala’ Faraj Mujahed, juinor high school student, and her family of belonging to a “secert organization”, a term generally used by government to describe members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Our hearts go out for Ala’ and her family!

What message does the government send to our young generations by taking such horrible action. An innocent teenage has been victimized by a regime obsessed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

When I read Ala’ story, I remembered an incident when a group of high school students in the State of New Jersey, USA, organized a mock trial for President George Bush and accused him, at the end of the symbolic trial, with committing war crimes by declaring war in Iraq. Although the public reaction to the trial was mixed, but the students were never punished for criticizing the President and of course, were not barred from attending their finals.

If I were President Bush, I would immediately send a letter of solidarity with this poor girl in Egypt and a message to his allies in Cairo that America does not condone oppression even with those who disagree with its policies.

Ala’ and her family deserve our unconditional support during these rough times they are enduring.

Please express your support to Ala’ and post a comment to her story.

Khaled Salam, editor


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