Ikhwanweb Blocked In Egypt For 4th Time In One Year

The Egyptian regime blocked the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English website in Egypt to continue its repressive practices against the opposition.
This is the fourth time in which the MB official website, www.ikhwanweb.com was blocked since it was first launched.
The first attempt was during the parliamentary elections in December 2005 and was blocked also in Dec. 2006 for a few hours.
The third time was on January 6, 2007 after the website publicized torture cases of  Egyptian citizens in Egyptian prisons and police stations .
This fourth attempt comes at the heels of ikhwanweb’s coverage of military tribunals for civilians on the sidelines of the fifth Cairo conference of the international anti-war conference.
Freedom of expression is seriously deteriorating while the Egyptian courts are hearing three cases against journalists:
Ibrahim Eissa editor-in-chief of Al-Dustoor newspaper
Wael Al Ibrashi editor-in-chief of Sawt Al Umma newspaper,
Howaida Taha, a journalist and a scriptwriter at Aljazeera,

These journalists are standing trial because of their free opinions in criticizing the Egyptian regime’s dictatorial policies against the Egyptian opposition .

The attempt by the Egyptian regime to block Ikhwanweb proves that this fascist and repressive regime is trying to hide truth from reaching peoples. These attempts are unsuccessful because the voice of the truth and right will reach all people by all means.
Ikhwanweb will continue resisting tyranny and repression of the ruling regimes and won’t subjugate to any blackmail or pressure.
In a related context, judge Abdul Fattah Morad, the chief justice of the court of appeals filed lawsuit against the Prime Minister, the Minister of Communications and Information., Justice Minister, Interior Minister and the attorney general, in which he demands obliging the Prime Minister to block and shut down 21 websites and weblogs, alleging that these web sites contain reports the defame Egypt and the president.
Th lawsuit included the websites of the newspaper of Nahdat Misr, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, Al Ghad newspaper, Kifaya Movement, Good News company, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, website of the Iraqi news agency, and others, in addition to some weblogs like:
News aggregator




in addition to other human rights and news web sites.