Ikhwanweb Blog: Thoughts of a Muslim Brotherhood Young Woman about Norway Blast

Ikhwanweb Blog: Thoughts of a Muslim Brotherhood Young Woman about Norway Blast

When I first heard of the massacre that took place in Oslo last Friday, I wasn’t shocked as much as I was irritated. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw dozens of kids dead; it was as if whoever did that was heartless. The first thing I thought of was checking on the people who were very nice and hospital in my visit to Oslo few months ago, I wanted to make sure they were ok; I wanted to sympathize with the families of those who died.

I recall the time I spent in this great country, although I was on a very tight schedule and I didn’t even stay there for long but I can’t deny the great experiences I gained from just talking with some Norwegians. They were really kind and welcoming, and our visit there was very fruitful. Some people might think it weird that I am bringing it up now, but the reason I’m bringing this up is to assure everyone that although a Norwegian might be behind this massacre it doesn’t mean that this is the case with everyone and I assure you that this is not even slightly the way Norwegians think. I think after spending time there in the country and talking with the people I met there I was more irritated than anything else when I heard of the bombing. Simply I couldn’t believe that anyone could go to such extremes to put an end to democracy!

Further, the fact that a Christian fundamentalist committed this crime does not mean that Christianity is a violent religion. I am against sweeping generalizations that link Christianity to terrorism, just like I am against linking Islam or any divine religion to violence or terrorism. Terrorism has no religion; it is the lack of genuine understanding of religion that leads to extremism and rejecting the other.

But when I tuned in to CNN, I found people guessing and predicting that Muslims were the ones behind this act. I couldn’t believe my ears even if the term “extremists” was used,  I still wanted to  talk with the presenter and tell her that this isn’t possible, that even if whoever did that calls him/her self a Muslim, that’s never the right word to describe him. Islam is never OK with disturbing and destructing a stable and neutral country like Norway.

It’s highly unacceptable for anyone, no matter what religion or race he/she belong too, to pursue such act. Terrorism is against all ethical and humane beliefs, and what most people who believe in terrorism don’t get is that it’s never the answer!

I am grateful enough that everyone I know In Norway is safe, but I still feel the numbness inside for all the families who lost their children, and I hope they accept my humble condolences on behalf of the Brotherhood and all Egyptians!

Finally I would like to salute the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg  who stressed that Norway would never give up on being a democratic country which believes in pluralism.

My honest sympathy and condolences to the Norwegian nation, and thank you for not giving up on your democracy and for holding on to what you believe in. As irritating as it seems, there are a lot of people out there who would do everything for you to give up on those things.