Ikhwanweb’s Moneim Blogs from Egyptian Prison

With his sense of innovation to present new ideas for his thought, colleague blogger and journalist Abdul Moneim Mahmoud will continue blogging from behind bars to expose the tortures and other violations committed by the Egyptian regime.
Abdul Moneim Mahmoud will continue blogging, not from behind a desk like other bloggers all over the world, but in a place where every Egyptian expressing his views freely is held, in an Egyptian prison.
Detained the most notorious Egyptian, Misr prison, Abdul Moneim will be passed across his closest colleagues to Ikhwanweb which will post them under the nose of the Egyptian security services .
Hi …From Behind Bars
Abd Al-Moneim says in his new weblog under the headline “Hi from behind Bars of Tora Prison”:” I write my first blog from the Cairo-based Mahkum prison, where I have mixed feelings of injustice, imprisonment, and longing for freedom and friends and longing for the keyboard through which I have been reflecting a true picture of what’s happening in Egypt. I am blogging and look at the bars that deny me freedom, deny me my friends, my work and my weblog. These bars even deny me a pure sky and I only see clouds on these bars which prevent me from seeing the moon.
Moneim adds in his also jailed weblog:” In this gloomy place, I try to avoid recalling the good memories of people, places and jobs. When enter helplessly into these memories, the jailer comes to shut down the cell door violently to remind me that I can’t meet them and I can’t even enjoy their company in my imagination”.
Here comes the end of the first paragraphs of of Moneim’s blog behind bars; Ikhwanweb will hopefully continue posting his blogging to remind the Egyptian regime that it can no longer stop voices preaching freedom and justice.

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