In a Coma, Former Parliamentarian Farid Ismail Faces Slow Death in Tough Junta Prison

In a Coma, Former Parliamentarian Farid Ismail Faces Slow Death in Tough Junta Prison

 The family of Dr. Farid Ismail, the most prominent Muslim Brotherhood MP (in Egypt’s 2005 Parliament) and leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party, said he is facing a slow death in Aqrab Prison in Tora (south of Cairo).

Mohamed Farid, the son of Dr. Ismail, said: "At present, my father is in a coma, for the forth day, in Aqrab prison. He was treated in a most inhuman manner by the prison administration, without any medical care whatsoever".

Many opponents of the military coup die in prison because of medical neglect and poor health services, in what observers believe to be a systematic policy against opponents.

The son of parliamentarian Dr. Ismail explained that his father was "diabetic and suffered a liver disease (Hepatitis C virus)".

Speaking about the highly-respected lawmaker’s deterioration of health and the insistence of coup authorities to ignore his medical needs, Dr. Ismail’s son continued, saying: "Although my father was lethargic, he was transported to Zagazig Prison to attend a court session for one of the fabricated cases against him.

"Today, Sunday, we visited my father. He suffered a stroke, and lost consciousness completely.

"Currently, my father is still in a coma, completely unresponsive. Clearly determined to ignore his needs, prison administration rejects all requests and pleas to transfer him to a properly equipped hospital so he can be placed in Intensive Care Unit where he can receive continuous care – as necessary."

Dr. Ismail is still held at Aqrab Prison Hospital in Tora, after Zagazig Prison refused to let him get essential tests and treatment at a suitably equipped hospital. Aqrab Prison is the toughest and most notorious prison in Egypt.