In Fresh Crackdown, Tens of MBs Arrested In Daqahlīyah

The Egyptian government stepped up its campaigns against members of Muslim Brotherhood in Daqahlīyah, concentrating more on Talkha and Meet Ghamr districts where the MB members are running for the upcoming elections.


The government detained the following five Brothers from Talkha city,


  1. Saad Ahmed Al- Hasaneen, a library owner.
  2. Abdul Hameed Abdul Wahhab, a deputy in Al- Azhar.
  3. Mahmoud Gad, a businessman.
  4. Karam Awad, an accountant.
  5. Ahmed Elkhdr.

Police also saught to arrest Ragab Habala, but was not at his home at the time.


Egyptian authorities also arrested 11 more in the city of Sherbin, who have been identified as follows,


  1. Ezzat Fawzi Edeid, Arabic language teacher
  2. Fathi Abdul Hameed
  3. Dr. Al Sayed Egeiz, cardiologist
  4. Sami Hweidi, teacher
  5. Mohamed Farahat Lashin, merchant
  6. Na’eem Al-Ballas
  7. Abdul- Rahman Salem, political analyst.
  8. Taha Dewidar, merchant
  9. Mohamed Abdul- Hadi Helal
  10. Ezzat Elgazar
  11. Mahmod AbdElmonem Khlifa


Both Said Tal’at, an engineer in Talkha Electric Company, and Mohamed Amr, an accountant, have been detained in Mansoura province.


In the city of Mit Ghamr, authorities have arrested 3 members from Damas village. The names of those arrested are:


  1. Abdullah Abul- Kader.
  2. Mohamed Yusuf Sunbul.
  3. Mahmoud Sunbul.


Two more individuals were picked up from Sanfa village:


  1. Mahmoud Othman
  2. Hossam Al- Shennawi

Police tried to arrest Engineer Sayed Al- Adawi who was not present in his residence during the raid


The number of detainees may further increase as police raids are still underway.


Abdel- Mohsen Qamhawi, the MB candidate in Talkha city, stated to Ikhwanweb that a number of his supporters who were distributing flyers for the MB candidates, were detained.


He added that election campaign is open and free for everyone but the Muslim Brotherhood, which contradicts with what the government promised to have a fair campaign.


Abdel- Mohsen Qamhawi also said that the government is restraining and oppressing his and supporters’ freedom. There are many obstacles facing him “personally” when he tries to use his legal and constitutional rights represented in communicating with his peoples in the department, and delivering his own election advertisements and messages.

It’s worth noting that the Egyptian authorities have removed all posters and   advertisements of the MB electors. It also has taken some books and computers during the vulgar arrest campaigns.


It’s also worth noting that  the Egyptian authorities are having nearly daily arrest campaigns against the MB members and leaders. All this is to hinder their participation in the coming Shura elections. More than 50 members of the MB group have been arrested only within the last 2 days.


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