• January 19, 2012

In Meeting with FJP, Finland’s Ambassador Says his Country Aims at Stronger Relations With the New Egypt

In Meeting with FJP, Finland’s Ambassador Says his Country Aims at Stronger Relations With the New Egypt

 Freedom and Justice Party Chairman (FJP), Dr. Mohamed Morsi, met Tuesday January 17, with Roberto Tenzy, Finland’s Ambassador to Cairo where they exchanged views regarding the political scene in Egypt and the party’s outlook regarding the drafting of the constitution and the presidential elections.

At the beginning of the meeting Morsi welcomed the ambassador as they reviewed the forthcoming phase following the completion of the elections and the impending presidential elections and procedures regarding the drafting of the new constitution. 

On his expectations regarding the upcoming Shura council elections expected to be held at the end of January, Morsi stated: "I doubt that the results will be much different than the results obtained in the parliamentary elections.  As for changes in the constitution I trust the amendments will be few as there is consensus regarding most of the articles especially those concerning freedoms and rights of citizenship. Changes will focus largely on the 5th section which discusses the powers of the President, the political system and the status of the armed forces".

He explained that the constitution will be based on national consensus and the Constituent Assembly which will draft the new constitution will be comprised of citizens from all political walks including both parliamentarians and non parliamentarians.

With regards to the political system in Egypt during the next phase, Morsi highlighted that the FJP perceives the mixed presidential/parliamentary system model, will be the most appropriate for the current phase until we fully transition to a parliamentary system.

Questioned about who the party would support in the presidential race, Morsi stated: "The party is committed to former decisions not to field a candidate for president.  All current contenders as far as the party is concerned are on an equal footing".

For his part, Tenzy congratulated the party for the trust vested in them by the people during the parliamentary elections stating: "Time has come for Egypt to truly live the democratic experience following the January Revolution".

He added that Finland’s government is working towards deepening the relations between the two countries in all fields and is hoping to cooperate and coordinate in improving investments in the Egyptian market. He added: "Egypt’s economy will flourish once political stability is attained".